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Honeycutt Manufacturing, Inc. is located in Mukilteo, WA just minutes from Boeing’s Everett production plant and Paine Field municipal airport. Our 21,500 square foot facility is capable of handling all of your machining needs from prototype to production. 


Starting with one old lathe and one old mill, Honeycutt Machine was founded in June of 1980. The purpose of the company was to provide basic machining for local businesses on a job shop basis.

Honeycutt Machine had provided quality workmanship in machining in support of many Seattle area firms as well as delivering work as far away as England, Korea, and Australia.

On July 1st, 2006, Ron Honeycutt sold Honeycutt Machine to new ownership with all assets, liabilities, non-compete agreement and company name.  After four years of business under the control of the new ownership, Honeycutt Machine closed shop.

As a direct response to the news, Ron Honeycutt and two of his sons jumped back into the industry, forming Honeycutt Manufacturing Inc.  Along with many returning veteran employees and a continually growing stable of new talent, Honeycutt Manufacturing quickly matched and now surpasses the legacy of Ron’s original company as a key supplier of high quality machined parts to customers worldwide, in both the aerospace and commercial industries.

Honeycutt Manufacturing’s core philosophy is delivering fine quality, attention to detail, and workmanship that is apparent in each and every part manufactured by our employees.




April, 2020. Honeycutt Manufacturing is proud to announce we have our new building almost fully operational.  

March, 2020. Featured in the Manufacturing Newsletter:
Honeycutt Manufacturing, a Mukilteo (Seattle), WA, job shop in service to the aerospace, marine and general industrial markets, made a major investment recently in a GROB G550T 5-axis universal machining center.



Our vast array of equipment allows us to tackle many jobs that are simply “no-bid” at other shops. Our milling department utilizes 3 and 4-axis verticals, 4-axis horizontal and 5-axis universal machines. Our lathe department consists of 2-axis machines of varying sizes to multi-spindle multi-turret mill turns and swiss screw machines. Notable support equipment includes centerless grinding, cylindrical grinding and thread rolling. See our Services page for a full list of equipment.


Our Programming and Engineering team utilize the latest versions of Dassault System's SolidWorks (CAD), Open Mind's hyperMILL (CAM), and Delcam's FeatureCAM (CAM) software.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance department uses industry-leading metrology equipment to ensure your finished parts meet your dimensional and cosmetic requirements.


Our vendor base has been well established over many years to meet all of your production needs. Whether it be raw material inspection, heat treatment, organic/inorganic coatings or specialized processing, we have sources that are experts in their respective fields to ensure your parts are processed to meet your requirements.

Pack & Ship

Our shipping department's priority is to protect your parts for shipment and to package them in a way that allows to you easily move them into your inventory or onto your production line.

Part Marking

Part traceability is a requirement for many customers, but we treat all the parts we manufacture the same. Keeping traceability to the material source for every part is made possible by many methods including rubber stamping the parts, bagging and tagging individual parts, batch packaging in vacuum formed trays or laser engraving. Our lot number is always present in all forms of marking, allowing us full traceability.


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