Honeycutt Manufacturing Services


Honeycutt Manufacturing is a world class aerospace and commercial machine shop with capabilities spanning CNC multi-pallet horizontal mills, vertical mills, lathes, a 40 pallet 5-axis milling center with turning capabilities, a dual-spindle/dual-turret mill-turn, centerless and through-feed grinders, and auto-feed saw cutting machines. 


Our Programming and Engineering team utilize the latest versions of Dassault System’s SolidWorks (CAD), Open Mind’s hyperMILL (CAM), and Delcam’s FeatureCAM (CAM) software. We can work with CAD files, 2D blueprints, or reverse engineer your design from a physical sample. 


Our Quality Assurance department uses industry-leading metrology equipment to ensure your finished parts are dimensionally, structurally, and cosmetically perfect. When your assembly requires precision, we can machine your parts at tolerances down to one tenth of one thousandth of an inch and provide the measurements to back it. 

We are also equipped to measure conductivity and hardness on incoming raw material and material we have sent out to be heat treated, and can also verify protective coating thicknesses using ultrasonic and eddy current methods. 


There is no limit to the type of finish, coating, heat treatment, or material inspection we can have applied to your parts. We work with every aerospace and commercial finishing and heat treat vendor in the greater Puget Sound area and will send parts to vendors around the globe for uncommon finishes and specialty processes that can’t be found anywhere else. We also are happy to work with your preferred vendors and under any pre-existing pricing arrangements you may have. This flexibility not only allows us to provide you with a complete production solution for any part you bring to us, but it also enables us to pass along lower production costs to you by leveraging competitive bidding across vendors throughout the industry. 

Pack & Ship

If you have no specific requirements, our standard packaging practices ensure your parts will make it to you in pristine condition and always clearly identified by label. If you require specific packaging materials, box quantities, labeling, or anything else, we will work closely with you to deliver a consistent, high quality experience. 

Part Marking 

Engrave information such as part and revision numbers into your parts. This gives you a permanent, cost effective method for marking identifying information prior to critical cleaning and inspection processes such as passivation or magnetic particle inspection. 

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